Ceph: How to add the SSD journal with dm-crypt enabled

Here am sharing the steps for adding a journal with dm-crypt enabled.


Create a key using the journal partition’s uuid das below;

dd  bs=key-size count=1 if=/dev/urandom of=/etc/ceph/dmcrypt-keys/<journal_partition uuid>

For ex:

  dd bs=512 count=1 if=/dev/urnadom of=/etc/ceph/dmcrypt-keys/uuid
How to find the jounral partition uuid:
 #ls -l /dev/disk/by-partuuid/

Now, create use the below command to do dm-crypted partition:

  1. cryptsetup -v –cipher aes-xts-plain64 –key-size 512 –key-file  /etc/ceph/dmcrypt-keys/uuid luksFomat  <journal partition>
cryptsetup -v --cipher aes-xts-plain64 --key-size 512 --key-file  /etc/ceph/dmcrypt-keys/uuid luksFomat  /dev/sdc5

2.  cryptsetup -v open –type luks <jounral partition> <uuid>

#cryptsetup -v open --type liks /dev/sdc5   uuid

Now, stop the OSD and flush the current journal.

#systemctl stop ceph-osd@<id>
#ceph-osd --flush-journal -i <id>

Now, go to /var/lib/ceh/osd/ceph-<id>/   and move the current journal and journal_dmcrypt to old as below:

# mv jounral jounral.old
# mv journal_dmcrypt jounral_dmcrypt.old

Now create soft links for the newly created journal and jounral_dmcrypt files as below:

# ln -s /dev/disk/by-partuuid/<uuid> ./journal_dmcrypt
# ln -s /dev/mapper/<uuid>  ./jounral

NOTE: the above files, permission may be required to change with ceph:ceph as below:

 # chown ceph:ceph journal jounral_dmcrypt

Now, create osd journal as below:

# ceph-osd --mkjournal -i <id>

Now, start the osd as below:

#systemclt start ceph-osd@<id>

OSD should be up and in with new journal.




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