Ceph: Whats new in this release

Here is the quick list of new features/functionalities added in ceph releases.

Please find the more details on each release with LTS and its retirement dates  Ceph release

Luminous (RC) (2017) – Release notes

BlueStore backend for ceph-osd is now stable.
There is a new daemon, ceph-mgr, is a required part of any Ceph deployment. 
Multiple active MDS daemons is now considered stable.
The ceph status (ceph -s) command has a fresh look.
S3 bucket lifecycle API has been added.

Kraken (2016) – Release notes

AsyncMessenger supported
BlueStore backend declared as stable
RGW : metadata indexing via Elastic search, index resharding, compression
S3 bucket lifecycle API, RGW Export NFS version 3 throw Ganesha
Rados support overwrites on erasure-coded pools / RBD on erasure coded pool (experimental)

Jewel (2016)  – Release notes

CephFS declared as stable
RGW multi-site re-architected (Allow active/active configuration)
AWS4 compatibility
RBD mirroring supported
BlueStore (experimental)
Support for NFS version 3 has been added to the RGW NFS gateway.

Infernalis (2015) –  Release notes

Erasure coding declared as stable and support many new features
New features for Swift API (Object expiration,…)

Hammer (2015) – Release notes

RGW object versioning, bucket shardingversioning
Crush straw2

Giant (2014) – Release notes

LRC erasure code
CephFS journal recovery, diagnostic toolsCephFS journal recovery, diagnostic tools

Firefly (2014) – Release notes

Erasure coding
Cache tieringtiering
Key/value OSD backendbackend
Standalone radosgw (with civetweb)

Emperor (2013) – Release notes

Multi-datacenter replication for the  radosgw
Improved usability
Improved crc32c performance
Validate S3 tokens against Keystone

Dumpling (2013) – Release notes

Multi-site support for radosgw
RESTful API endpoint for Ceph cluster administration
Object namespaces in librados.





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