Ceph: Increase OSD start timeout

For encrypted OSDs, need to increase OSD start timeout from default value “300” to “900”, to start the OSD. How can we do this? just follow the below 2 steps, which can be achieved:

#cp /lib/systemd/system/ceph-disk@.service /etc/systemd/system/
#sed -i "s/CEPH_DISK_TIMEOUT=300/CEPH_DISK_TIMEOUT=900/" /etc/systemd/system/ceph-disk@.service

Now restart the OSDs:

# systemctl restart ceph-osd\*.service ceph-osd.target

Ceph: Whats new in this release

Here is the quick list of new features/functionalities added in ceph releases.

Please find the more details on each release with LTS and its retirement dates  Ceph release

Luminous (RC) (2017) – Release notes

BlueStore backend for ceph-osd is now stable.
There is a new daemon, ceph-mgr, is a required part of any Ceph deployment. 
Multiple active MDS daemons is now considered stable.
The ceph status (ceph -s) command has a fresh look.
S3 bucket lifecycle API has been added.

Kraken (2016) – Release notes

AsyncMessenger supported
BlueStore backend declared as stable
RGW : metadata indexing via Elastic search, index resharding, compression
S3 bucket lifecycle API, RGW Export NFS version 3 throw Ganesha
Rados support overwrites on erasure-coded pools / RBD on erasure coded pool (experimental)

Jewel (2016)  – Release notes

CephFS declared as stable
RGW multi-site re-architected (Allow active/active configuration)
AWS4 compatibility
RBD mirroring supported
BlueStore (experimental)
Support for NFS version 3 has been added to the RGW NFS gateway.

Infernalis (2015) –  Release notes

Erasure coding declared as stable and support many new features
New features for Swift API (Object expiration,…)

Hammer (2015) – Release notes

RGW object versioning, bucket shardingversioning
Crush straw2

Giant (2014) – Release notes

LRC erasure code
CephFS journal recovery, diagnostic toolsCephFS journal recovery, diagnostic tools

Firefly (2014) – Release notes

Erasure coding
Cache tieringtiering
Key/value OSD backendbackend
Standalone radosgw (with civetweb)

Emperor (2013) – Release notes

Multi-datacenter replication for the  radosgw
Improved usability
Improved crc32c performance
Validate S3 tokens against Keystone

Dumpling (2013) – Release notes

Multi-site support for radosgw
RESTful API endpoint for Ceph cluster administration
Object namespaces in librados.